I couldn’t care less about the brand of my apparel, as long as it fits me and seems appealing. However, what I’m really particular about is the brand of tea that I vouch for since a perfect start to my day wouldn’t be complete without relishing the taste and aroma of a good, hot cup of tea. With Rungta Tea,...

Darpan Ganguli


Mumbai, Engineer

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I am big fan of Real Gold Select, not just because it tastes great, but I tried comparing its texture with other popular tea brands and story was clear. Quality speaks for itself.

Rishab Sharma


Ghaziabad, Programmer

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My sun rises only when I sip Real Gold in the morning. It awakens me, rejuvenates me for a fresh start of the day. I love to brew my tea and its fragrance makes me feel animated for the refreshing delight of the day that awaits me. I can’t imagine a morning without my favorite tea.

Parul Sharma


Gurgaon, Housewife

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Office, meetings, discussions, arguments, headache, tension and finally one smile of reaffirmation with a cup of tea that assures me , adores me and relaxes me. Essence of Darjeeling in every sip , Real Gold Select  , it’s not a tea, it’s the  mental peace you desire after serving the perils of a hard day

Karan Sethi


Jaipur, SAP Consultant

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Business develops on relations. All my workers are my family. I run a small restaurant and the best time of the day is when I and all my workers have tea together.

Deepak Mehta


Patna, Businessman

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